asianTraveler is the Philippines’ longest running independent travel and lifestyle magazine. As the country’s foremost venue for travel lifestyle reportage, it has distinguished itself for featuring some of the world’s most desirable destinations, hotels and resorts of utmost luxury, and restaurants that serve a rich palette of flavors—from elaborate gourmet creations to quaint cuisines that taste of the exotic.

It also puts focus on the personalities that influence significant developments in the tourism industry as well as those in the hospitality, travel, and airline enterprises. To capture the essence of every destination, asianTraveler showcases the locality’s culture and people—its traditions and festivities, making each story a well-rounded report.

In 2019, asianTraveler underwent a digital transition to supplement the sophisticated style of its print publication. It is now available as a digital magazine app accessible for everyone and downloadable from anywhere on the’s website reader, the Apple Appstore, and Android Google Play.

Today, asianTraveler is the most ideal venue to convey your stories and services to the ever-discerning traveler market. You can continue to rely on it in telling your stories through insightful narratives and compelling imagery. It creates up-to-the-minute presentations on social media, providing an almost real time exposure to its captive online audience. 



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