TIA Wellness Resort Adds To Wellbeing Toolkit With New Art Gallery

The Vietnam beachfront property expands the ways its guests can tap into creativity

TIA Wellness Resort in Da Nang is painting a new image of a well-rounded, wellbeing approach with the launch of a new art gallery space this month. Building on the tool of creativity as a way to calm the mind and regulate emotions, the new gallery will sit alongside TIA’s Creative Space, where daily creativity workshops are hosted.

The new gallery space features 32 images of varying shapes and sizes with 10 on display on the room’s walls and 22 hanging from purpose-built rods connecting the pillars in the inner part of the space.

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The 10 photographs were created by Jeff Courdrec, a French artisan photographer who used an analogue technique for this exclusive collaboration with TIA. Each image on display tells part of TIA’s story.

Central to the TIA story are the concepts of stillness and splash. These diametrical themes thread the property, from a mala bead design on a pillow inspired by stillness to the splash- inspired gym, with its focus on strength, power training, and pushing limits in a dark charcoal interior.

The artwork on display delves more deeply into the resort’s overall “From Stillness to Splash” wellness philosophy.

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Nguyen Xuan Sinh's calligraphy

The abstract art in the inner part of the new gallery reflects the Zen Splash concept, which is about inspiration, boldness, and creation. These ink images were created by a Hoi An-based calligrapher, Nguyễn Xuân Sinh. At the heart of the space is a seating arrangement that mimics the stroke of a brush and acts as an invitation for guests to sit back and take in the images in a relaxed fashion.

“We wanted to create a space where our guests could reflect, connect and be inspired,” said Ramon Imper, general manager of TIA Wellness Resort.

The TIA team plans to showcase a variety of inspirational and bold art in the future, to further support and connect with Vietnamese artisans.

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