Visitors discover the beauty and vibrant culture of Malaysia at the 29th PTAA Traveltour Expo

Tourism Malaysia drew the crowds to its booth at the 29th PTAA TravelTour Expo from June 24-26 at the SMX Convention Center, MOA Complex, Pasay City.

Dominating the booth is an eye-catching replica of the iconic KLCC Twin Towers that made the perfect backdrop for Instagram and Facebook posts—giving visitors a feel of what it’s like to stand before this magnificent building in Kuala Lumpur.

“For this year, especially since people haven’t traveled for more than two years, we want to have more images of Malaysia in the Tourism Malaysia booth. That’s why we brought the KLCC Twin Towers replica for everyone to take photos in and which they can post on their social media accounts,” explained Ms. Yazlina Yahya, Director of Tourism Malaysia in Manila. “The whole objective of the Tourism Malaysia booth is to present the beauty of Malaysia through various images and make it top of mind of tourists who are eager to travel after two years of lockdown,” she added.

To give guests a sampling of the rich Malaysian culture, Tourism Malaysia also brought to Manila award-winning fashion designer Ridz Bohari to demonstrate the making of Malaysian batik for both young and old visitors. Bohari, who has been making modern innovations on traditional Malaysian batik since 2005, taught visitors how to apply wax to the design and paint on the silk cloth to create the eye-catching batik design.


“I also talked about how the batik fabric can be transformed into a commercial business. From a hobby, batik making can be a home-based business. Batik fabrics can be transformed into clothes, aprons, and lampshades and can even be framed and hung as wall décor. Besides, both young and old can do it,” explained Buhari.


Tourism Malaysia also gave visitors a sampling of the Tarik, a popular traditional Malaysian sweet milk tea with a frothy top. Cheryl Wee, the co-founder of Agri Best Services, was also on hand to promote one of Malaysia’s prized produce—the Musang King durian. “The Musang King is produced by Agri Best Services in ideal conditions—in a highland climate and good soil. That’s why it’s the best durian of its kind. It has a creamy flesh that melts in the mouth with a rich bittersweet flavor,” described Wee.

The rich Malay gastronomy reflects the layered culture of Malaysia created by the mix of influences. “The beauty of Malaysia is that we are a multi-racial, multi-religion country. We have the Malays, the Chinese, and the Indians that make up a diverse and rich country. So, you don’t have to go to China to experience Chinese culture. You don’t have to go to India to taste Indian cuisine. You can experience all of these in Malaysia. Of course, here you can enjoy the unique Malay customs and traditions. Malaysia is a melting pot destination made up of many cultures and attractiveness,” Madame Rosnah Mustafa, Tourism Malaysia Senior Deputy Director, International Promotion Division (Southeast Asia), pointed out.

The varied culture and wide-ranging natural attractions make Malaysia a destination with a lot to offer. There’s the lush jungles and mountains of Malaysian Borneo, the islands with their gorgeous beaches, the theme parks, the historic towns, and the vibrant cities.

Malaysian Tourism Ambassador Mr. Kabir Khan says Malaysia has something to offer to everyone. “Malaysia has places that people like to visit. People from the UK and Europe, they go adventurous. They are more eco-conscious and like to see more rainforests and beaches. People from the Middle East tend to stay in the city because they like to go shopping. The Genting highland has many resorts and a theme park where you have snow and ice even in summer. That’s ideal for families with young children,” he said.

“Another thing is that prices in Malaysia are very tourist-friendly. For instance, the prices of five-star hotels in Malaysia are very competitive. This is one thing that attracts international tourists because they would want to stay in a nice place to experience Malaysia without spending too much. So, the government is taking much effort, especially in international promotions like the PTAA Travel Tour Expo,” he further stated.

Indeed, Tourism Malaysia opened up the country’s many attractions, its fascinating cultures, and the warm hospitality of its people to visitors of the 29th PTAA TravelTour Expo. With the initiative and effort of Tourism Malaysia, many tourists—especially those coming from the Philippines—have been made aware of the wonder, beauty, and magic of neighboring Malaysia.


Madame Rosnah Mustafa

Senior Deputy Director
 International Promotion Division (Southeast Asia)

Malaysian tourism is back in a big way after two years of lockdowns and travel restrictions. Talking to asianTraveler at the recent 29th PTAA TravelTour Expo, Madame Rosnah Mustafa, Tourism Malaysia’s Senior Deputy Director of International Promotion Division for Southeast Asia, said, “After the pandemic, people are so eager to travel now. So, we are promoting Malaysia in a bigger way; we’re coming back stronger. Our objective now is to give an experience of Malaysia that is beyond traveling. We are not just promoting sightseeing. We at Tourism Malaysia want tourists to experience the country—to taste the different gastronomic offerings, participate in the activities, and enjoy the adventures.”

In Malaysia, tourists who want to get closer to nature and enjoy its pleasures can go water rafting, jungle trekking, mountain hiking, and cycling. These activities bring them closer to the people and give them the opportunity to experience the cultures and the activities that are uniquely Malaysian.

To prepare for the influx of tourists, Malaysia has been preoccupied with restoring and preparing popular traditional attractions while building new facilities that promise more excitement and pleasure. For one, new resort hotels and fantastic theme parks await families and young tourists in Genting. “Another aspect of tourism that we are strengthening is the connectivity to give tourists more convenience in going to Malaysia. So, we have Malaysian Airlines, AirAsia, and Malindo Air which are very active in connecting all the ASEAN countries to Kuala Lumpur,” she added.

Apart from the eco attractions, tourists will have a diversity of destinations and activities to enjoy in Malaysia. Shopaholics can shop to their heart’s content and buy anything in KL—from designer labels, exotic local products, and bargain items. Gastronomy is also one of the country’s attractions, with a cuisine enriched by delicious Malay, Chinese, and Indian influences. “We also have our Musang King durian. It’s so famous that we have tourists from Indonesia, Singapore, and other parts of the world to taste the Musang King. These are also packaged nicely for export,” she informed.

With its varied attractions, Malaysia should be top of mind for many tourists who wish to experience it all—from gorgeous islands to virgin forests, from villages bursting with local culture to a cosmopolitan city that offers the finer things in life.

Malaysia is open for all tourists who wish to enjoy the varied colors and flavors of a country that is remarkably diverse in culture and natural attractions, said Malaysian Tourism Ambassador Mr. Kabir Khan when he talked with asianTraveler at the recent 29th PTAA TravelTour Expo.

“As it has been in the past, Malaysia welcomes every nation. Let’s face it; tourism will never be the same again. What the world is going through now is kind of a restart in many aspects. But Malaysia has made it easier for tourists and travelers to enjoy the country. For one thing, they don’t have to undergo RT-PCR when they enter the country. All they need to present is their proof of vaccination,” the ambassador stated.

Once in Malaysia, Mr. Khan assures tourists that they can enjoy endless attractions to make their stay happy and memorable. The country’s culture, a blend of Malay, Chinese, and Indian influences, presents many opportunities to experience and taste varied sensations and flavors. “Malaysia is one of the rare countries, if not the only country in the world, where you have different races and religions living together in peace and harmony. When you go to Malaysia, you get the best of the Malays, the best of the Chinese, and the best of the Indians. So that’s why we are known as ‘Truly Asia’,” he emphasized.

So, it is no surprise that Malaysia’s attractions are as diverse and as vibrant as its people. “There’s something for everyone in Malaysia. For more eco-conscious people, we have some of the world’s oldest rainforests in Sabah, with unique flora and fauna endemic only to Malaysia. For beach lovers and underwater fanatics, we have a lot of beautiful islands and coral reefs to explore. For those who love to eat, Malaysia offers a flavorful cuisine with influences from our Malay, Chinese, and Indian cultures. And for people who want to shop, our cities have many shopping centers,” informed the ambassador.

Tourists, especially Filipinos, he said, would greatly enjoy traveling to Malaysia. For one, we share the same warmth and hospitality to make visitors feel at home. And there’s more. “Another thing is that our prices in Malaysia are friendly. For instance, if you compare the prices of five-star hotels in Asia, the prices in Malaysia are very competitive. This is one thing that attracts international tourists because they want to stay in a nice place while experiencing the best Malaysia without too much strain on the budget. So the government is taking much effort, especially in international promotions like the PTAA,” he explained.

For those who haven’t been to Malaysia, the country beckons with a thousand and one delights—flavorful cuisine, a vibrant culture, magnificent natural attractions, great shopping, value for money, and above all, the welcoming warmth of a people that represents the best in Asia.


Mr. Kabir Khan

Malaysian Tourism Ambassador

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